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Neary Lagoon

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Hidden between the end of Chestnut St., the end of Blackburn St. and at the corner of Bay St. is Neary Lagoon. An unknown spot to even some Santa Cruz locals. A beautiful place to take a break, have lunch, stroll, or just chill out. While on the wooden pontoon walkway you may be lucky enough to see some of the wildlife which includes mallard and wood ducks, pied billed grebes, a multitude of coots, the world's meanest geese, several varieties of fish and the occasional great blue heron or hawk. It is really a walk out of time. You'll find yourself saying ''I had no idea this place was here.''

Call for wholesale pricing. Each Hosmer Poster is also availible in giclee format,our printer will accomidate 62'' wide by any length. Call or e-mail us for a price quote. This print looks fabulous BIG!

Neary Lagoon Postercard
Click 'Add to Cart' to purchase a Neary Lagoon 4''x6'' postercard.
$1.50 ea.
Neary Lagoon Poster
Click 'Add to Cart' to purchase a Neary Lagoon 17 1/8'' X 11 1/8'' poster.
$20.00 ea.

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