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Steamer Lane

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The Coliseum of surfing. It is right off a point on the cliffs in the West Cliff residential area in Santa Cruz, CA. Steamer Lane is a big hit for surfers and spectators because of its easy access and a good vantage point for viewing.

Call for wholesale pricing. Each Hosmer Poster is also availible in giclee format,our printer will accomidate 62'' wide by any length. Call or e-mail us for a price quote. This print looks fabulous BIG! Click on image #2 above to see how good it looks in my house.

Steamer Lane Postercard
Click 'Add to Cart' to purchase a Steamer Lane 4''x6'' postercard.
$1.50 ea.
Steamer Lane Poster
Click 'Add to Cart' to purchase a Steamer Lane 12 1/8''x17 1/4'' poster.
$20.00 ea.

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